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Mobile App Development

How to Outsource Mobile App Development

How to Outsource Mobile App Development

Research happens to be the first and foremost step of any process. When we research about a lot of things, one of the important things to research about is how to come up with a unique app idea. Now, there is immeasurable importance given to this because of various reasons being it enhances user experience, the better the navigation of the app, the better is the conversion to sale. Having these factors considered, sometimes it is a wise move to Outsource Mobile App Development. 

With immense opportunities the modern world has to provide, one of it is also to outsource your application development. This is not restricted to the size of the business. Small scale business to large scale business, all of them happen to outsource their application development to avoid hiring problems and thus enjoy a seamless development process.

Mobile applications are gaining popularity by the day. Any new technology that comes in the market makes place for itself in the mobile phone. To match up to the competition in the market you need the finest set of coders on your team. To make sure that your application has an edge over the other applications in the market one needs to make sure that they are very well verse with the knowledge of AI, fintech and machine learning and so on. However finding the perfect balance of all of these seems to be like a tedious task in the market.

This is exactly where Outsourcing your mobile application development comes into picture. By outsourcing, you will have access to an entire team of skilled programmers to hire. Sometimes, some companies offer specific expertise in specific areas only and Identifying the one that meets your requirements can be quite the task. In this blog, we will dive deep into all the aspects in consideration that are need to Outsource mobile app development.

Why Should One Choose to Outsource Mobile Application Development? 

In the ever changing world, change is the only constant. A rapid change was observe during the pandemic time where people increase outsourcing of application development. And here are a few reasons why this change gained momentum. One of the first and foremost reasons still stands to be that this method is the cheapest of all and helps find affordable resources. This opens the door to globalization and gives access to an increased pool of experts in the field. Another thing that has seen a change is the timeline in which the project was outsource.

Initially, the project was outsource just up until the project was done. But now, times have changed and the outsourcing happens for years together. The simple reason for this being that mobile application development does not just end after product launch. The companies have to keep improving and iterating their application if they want to stay on par with their competitors. In this given situation it is better to outsource development to experts in the field. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing is preferred.

It Is Very Cost-effective

The affordability of outsourcing mobile app development is among the main justifications for doing so. Establishing an internal team for application development is far more expensive than outsourcing the process.Whether it is to hire mobile app developers or even freelancers. The cost of development services will be significantly lower. The cost savings can range from somewhere around 20% to 70% depending on various factors like the location of your own business and the destination in which you would like to outsource your project. For example, the average salary of a developer in the United states is roughly around 75,000$ but if you decide to outsource your app anywhere in the regions of europe it is simply going to cost you around 30-40$ per hour.

Flexibility is Presented by Outsourcing Mobile App Development

In the ever changing world of business, everybody wants to have flexibility. They want to be able to expand, reduce and adapt the team according to the business needs. By outsourcing development you can choose to work with a team or an individual based on the requirements. Additionally you get to choose what people from which location you want to work with, in a schedule that is at your convenience. Additionally, at any point of time, it is in your hand to increase or decrease the number of developers based on the requirements of your project. This contributes to having immense flexibility at all given points.

Faster Development Process

In this digital era, where time rules the world. A few days here and there have a significant impact on the launch of the product. This is one of the other reasons why one should consider Outsourcing Mobile App Development. It is important to get a product into the market and on the shelf at the earliest. For this to happen, it is important to have set deadlines while working on the same. If one decides to outsource app development to a professional vendor, they will carefully estimate the time needed to get the product into the market. They use this information to allocate resources and deadlines accordingly. As a result of this, the product launch in the market happens more effectively.

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Risk Reduction

Imagine yourself in this situation. You are in between a new project from a long term client and suddenly your most valued senior developer decides to drop the shoe that he is leaving. This puts you in a spot. Finding a replacement for that person amidst the tight schedules and deadlines seems like one mighty task. To avoid this nightmare of a situation, it is better to outsource web application development. When one has an outsourced developer team, there is mitigation of risk on a huge scale. The project manager of this team takes in consideration all the risks and is responsible to mitigate the same.

Broader Horizon of Skill Set

The best outsourcing teams have multilevel teams with various specialists. Various aspects of website development include having people from different specialties. A typical team consists of Analysts, Engineers, Quality engineers and Project managers. Having such a dynamic team will majorly contribute to speeding up the development process because each one is responsible for one aspect of the project.

Enhanced Business Focus

When you are trying to bring a new application into the market, it is crucial to spend ample time and focus on the same. It is well known that application development can get tedious and most of the time, time consuming even. It also consumes a lot of inhuman resources too. This might deflect focus from the things that keep the core of the business running. Delegating work to Android app development services or hiring dedicated developers helps strike a balance between obtaining new projects and keeping the core tasks in check.

Enhances Security  

One of the main concerns related to outsourcing app development was security concerns. But as time has progressed, things have changed significantly. Outsourcing teams have taken great measures to enhance and ensure data protection and cyber security regulations both on a local and global scale. This combined with safe storage of source code and signing of Non-Disclosure agreements have increased security and confidentiality all throughout.

6 Steps to Outsource App Development

Every application that is developing is different, this implies that the outsourcing for each project and the partnership for it is also unique. But the process for any of it remains to be the same. There are generally 6 steps that are recommend in Outsourcing mobile application development. They are as follows.

Step 1: Outline Project Requirements 

It is essential to have a clear and detailed idea on the specifics of your application before you decide to outsource web application development. If you are clear in your communication about the needs and requirements for your application to the outsourcing team, they will be able to provide the best solutions and best placed workflows.

Step 2: Pick an Outsourcing Model

Choose the outsourcing model that makes the most sense for your application to get started. Hiring an offshore app development company is the greatest option if cutting costs is one of your top goals.In case the requirement is having a close timezone, then one should consider an onshore or nearshore development team. 

Step 3: Choose the Right Application Development Company 

The next step in the process is to shortlist a list of companies for outsourcing based on various factors like cost, skills and expertise. This is also the point in which due diligence is conduct on the company in consideration in various ways like looking for case studies or independently verifying their credentials.

Step 4: Assess and Select an Outsourcing Team

From the above three steps you have all the requirements to pick a team. It is time to workout on the payment methods that best suit the company. It can either be a fixed payment, where the entire application end to end development happens at a fixed price. The other alternative is to have the concept of time and materials i.e it is pay on hourly basis and an overall bill on how many hours of work done is present at the end.

Step 5: Establish the Project Management Team 

Now that there is a deal on the table, start working on the finer details of the same. This majorly includes how the outsourcing team is going to work in practice. This includes setting workflows, deadlines and how the progress will be measure and reported. This has to align for both the parties and is usually supervise by a Project Manager.

Step 6: Provide Support Post Launch

The require support mechanisms and closely related services need to be put in place for the launch of the application and after. This ensures that the team that developed the application so far can lend hand in maintaining the same and also help enhance user experience once it is live.


The process of Mobile Application Development goes far beyond just developing an application and deploying it in the market. It is an ever lasting process that happens as the business in the market. Hence, finding a reliable outsourcing partner is essential and crucial. Here an add advantage of outsourcing mobile application development is it is cost effective, simple and helps expand your network to hire skilled app programmers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It a Good Option to Outsource App Development?

If saving on money is one of your top priorities then outsource application development. The cost of hiring an external mobile app development team versus hiring an internal team is very different. The former is cost effective.

What is the Total Estimated Cost of Outsourcing App Development?

The cost of the application depend heavily on the app’s complexity and other variables. The exact price requires a detailed look at your project’s needs. Generally the cost can range anywhere from $30,000- $3 million.

Explain the Difference Between Outsourcing and Inhouse App Development

Internal app development involves utilizing the organization’s own team to create new pplications, whereas outsourcing app development entails delegating the management of the development process to an external entity.

Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at HireMobileDevelopers (HMD), a leading mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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