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How to Hire Mobile App Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

How to Hire Mobile App Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

Apps for mobile devices represent not just the future but also the present and even the past for the time being.

Apps for mobile devices represent not just the future but also the present and even the past for the time being. It should not be surprising that the total income generated by mobile apps worldwide topped $365 billion in 2018. Statista forecasts that by the year 2023, revenue from app downloads will amount to more than $935 billion. Mobile applications have repeatedly shown their usefulness, and if you've opted to read this article, it's likely because you've already decided to have your own company develop a mobile application. CMARIX has decided to provide answers to all of our readers' questions about how to find and employ an application developer.

After you have decided to create a mobile application for your company, the following step is to seek the assistance of a professional app developer who can transform your concept into a fully operational program. Finding an app developer may be challenging if you don't clearly know what you're searching for. Because we've dealt with a sufficient number of clients, we know the kinds of reservations individuals have about working with iOS and Android app developers. This essay will teach you how to ask the right questions of yourself to arrive at the most intelligent conclusion possible. Before you begin your search for app coders, let's review a few things about How to Hire Mobile App Developers and how you may find one that properly meets your requirements.

How to Hire a Programmer for an App

When hiring an app developer, you have several alternatives available, including full-time or part-time employees and independent contractors. The employee's location and the setting where they will perform their work (whether at an office or elsewhere) contribute to the available cost flexibility. In various contexts, each of the available approaches to outsourcing the production of an application is useful, and each has a set of defined advantages and disadvantages. In terms of how to recruit a programmer for an application, the following are the options that are utilized the most frequently:

  • Hire an Outsourcing Company
  • Assemble an In-House Team
  • Staff Augmentation

Hire an Outsourcing Company

The development of an application can be contracted out to a specialized information technology business, which is one of the simplest ways to construct an app. If you follow these steps, you can acquire premium services at an affordable cost. You won't have to recruit mobile app developers personally, pay for office space, or make any other unneeded financial investments if you go with this choice.

Most IT organizations already have a pool of people available to work on developing an application. In addition, sellers accept responsibility for the management of teams and the delivery of products. If you are working with a limited budget, you might consider contracting mobile app development work to an established business in another country. You are free to choose any business in the world's most popular outsourcing locations that can accommodate your needs in terms of resources and specifications. We will discuss where you can find the best mobile app developers to hire and where you may outsource the project. If you engage an app developer from another country, you risk a language barrier and a large time difference. These deficiencies can potentially disrupt the entire communication process with the vendor; however, experienced suppliers have workers who are fluent in English and alter the conversation time to accommodate the convenience of their customers.

Assemble an In-House Team

Choosing this path is the polar opposite of freelancing. You staff yourselves with mobile application programmers, secure a workspace, and collaborate as a group. Because you are all located in the same location, the communication between you is exceptionally high. Because of this, selecting the "find app developer for startup" option grants you increased influence over the overall process of application development and permits you to make modifications at any moment. But don't jump the gun and start rejoicing just yet. It is common practice to incur enormous costs when employing app developers and putting together an internal team. You will need to rent an office space, outfit it, and buy computer hardware and software licenses. In addition, if you engage an in-house team for mobile app development, you are obligated to provide wages, paid time off for illness, and vacation compensation for each employee.

It is important to recognize the drawn-out and difficult process of hiring a developer to create an application. It will be difficult to compete with major organizations because they provide huge salaries and a wide variety of benefits to specialists to recruit them.

Staff Augmentation

When asked, "where can I employ an app developer?" staff augmentation is one more alternative to be given as an answer. It is still another form of outsourcing, and it allows you to expand your development prospects by working with a specialist skilled in using a certain technology that is necessary for your project. Again, the hiring process is conducted outside to fill needed jobs in your team, either temporarily or permanently. This model provides a solution for businesses that want to select colleagues suited to their project's requirements and the domain in which they operate. According to the industry, the answer is a model for how to employ app developers.

As a result, businesses can either increase or decrease the size of their workforce as required. The market is saturated with businesses that offer staff augmentation services. As a consequence, if you require an application developer with a particular specialty, it presents an opportunity to construct more complex software products by using particular technologies. This method works well for complicated applications that require the services of a wide variety of phone app developers for hire. In addition, each of them needs to be an expert in their respective field of specialization.

How to Hire Mobile App Developers With the Right Skills

Hire Mobile App Developers With the Right Skills

When looking for new ways to grow their businesses, the first thing that many people in the business world think is, "I need an app developer." However, as you have already seen, this procedure is quite complicated. Research published by CareerBuilder found that three out of four organizations incur financial losses due to employing the incorrect individual for a position. To keep you from becoming another statistic, we have compiled several pointers that will assist you in locating reputable developers who have the appropriate level of technical knowledge for your app idea.

Tip 1. Determine App's Platform

In the end, the app you intend to develop will determine the level of technical skill that your future development team will need. When you require a mobile app developer, it is imperative that you decide whether you want a native app for Android or iOS, a cross-platform app that was built with Flutter or a technology tha,t is comparable. After you've clarified the situation, it will be much simpler to find app creators who are available for hire.

Tip 2. Define the App Type and Domain

It is important to pay attention to the areas in which an app programmer for hire specializes because the technologies used will be determined by the app type and the complexity of the features you wish to add. Therefore, you want to look into hiring an experienced developer in the solutions necessary for your app.

The best app developers available for hire are those who have experience creating software specifically tailored to the needs of your company's sector of the market. Many software development organizations specialize in a particular field by accumulating a wealth of knowledge and working experience, which they then make available to their customers.

Tip 3. Examine Portfolio and Case Studies

When looking to hire someone to build an app, two typical approaches can be used to verify the quality of the products they have previously created: Evaluation of the Portfolio (some specialists delivering services of app development for hire may provide you with their portfolio on request). If you are looking to recruit app coders, you should look at their portfolio first. A well-written one can show you much more than just a list of talents; in addition to revealing the primary expert's field of expertise, for example. It is able to provide every detail about prior projects, including requirements, obstacles and the methods that were used to overcome them, industries, and technology stacks, among other information. As a consequence of this, you will, obtain a much clearer picture of previous works and the level of experience possessed by app programmers available for employment.

If you look through the details of the cases, you might locate a skilled software engineer with extensive expertise in the field your company specializes in. Therefore, if you engage an application developer with the required experience, the specialist you hire will be competent in quickly overcoming technological problems and issues, which will benefit the quality of the final output. For instance, here at CMARIX, we've been working on a social networking software by Ayoo Dance.

We were tasked with developing a versatile iOS platform capable of bringing together dancers from all over the world, enabling them to speak with one another and engage in competitive activities. An iOS app written in Swift and utilizing the AWS cloud service for its infrastructure was developed by a team of developers in under seven months. The app's administration interface was written in Node.js.

Tip 4. Collect Reviews from Previous Clients

You should base your ultimate decision to choose mobile developers and IT vendors largely on reviews and ratings of those businesses. Every resource that gives information about IT contractors has a review part where past customers can give in-depth feedback about the various IT companies. In this section, you can learn specific information about each IT company.

Pay close attention to the total score, the problems that brought customers in contact with the developers, and how well the process was carried out. In addition, if you want to hire an app developer successfully, you should get in touch with the developer's previous customers through LinkedIn and inquire about their candid feedback regarding the working relationship with the expert and any details that may be hidden behind the scenes.

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Want to Hire App Developers for Your Project?

Hire Mobile Developers, based in Estonia, develops software. Since 2009, we've developed cutting-edge software for startups and enterprises of all sizes. We provide a comprehensive range of IT services and custom-built digital products to increase workflow productivity, meet business goals, and solve many difficulties.

Cooperation Models

Hire Mobile Developers, offers three cooperation models for every project and case:

Time and Material:

Complex projects with undefined scope, timeframes, and software functionality benefit from this cooperative style. All development sprints can change requirements and modifications. Developers and Project Managers communicate with clients, exchange creation outcomes, and negotiate required adjustments utilizing this methodology.

Fixed Budget:

Fixed pricing models predict initial costs based on specified requirements. Thus, the overall cost to hire an app developer remains constant until completion. This choice is great if you have a tight budget and clear digital product requirements. Since project needs are stated upfront, this strategy requires minimal client engagement.

Dedicated Team:

With a specialized team, you can engage an app builder with the subject or technical experience and extend your development capabilities. Add personnel and form an agile team to finish unique projects or update and support software. We offer a large personnel pool, technical experience in six Financial, Healthcare, and Retail domains, and a non-disclosure agreement upon request.

Last words

To conclude, hiring an app designer is challenging. There are numerous factors and methods to consider to find the best candidate for your project. Choosing an app type is usually the first step. Depending on its purpose, a mobile app can be native, online, or hybrid. Once you've chosen an app kind, you may start looking for the right candidate. You must constantly know your development provider's experience, whether hiring a freelancer or outsourcing to a corporation. Make sure you understand their process and costs. Hiring a talented app developer increases the odds of a mobile app's commercial success. If you follow these rules, you can avoid many business owners' mobile app developer mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When outsourcing is the best choice?
  • You have a limited budget and wish to devote all your resources to development.
  • There is a significant skill shortage in your area.
  • You’ve established firm deadlines that must be reached.
Where can I find IT vendor online?

There are various trustworthy platforms for locating IT companies and successfully hiring app developers. Cisco, IT Firms, 99Firms, and GoodFirms are a few examples.

Which options exist to hire someone to make an app?
  • Hiring freelance app developers.
  • In-house development team.
  • Outsourcing software development company.
  • Staff Augmentation.
How to hire mobile app developers?
  • The first step is to decide what type of mobile app you want (native or cross-platform). To create native applications, iOS or Android developers must be hired. On the other hand, Flutter developers are currently best suited for cross-platform app development.
  • Examine each candidate’s work portfolio and case studies to learn more about their skills.
  • Obtaining feedback from previous customers is a fantastic idea.
  • While conducting business, be conscious of differences across time zones, language levels, cultural obstacles, and communication technologies.

Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at HireMobileDevelopers (HMD), a leading mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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