A Unique Platform for Verified Professionals in India

Gumnaam, developed by HMD, is a comprehensive mobile application tailored for the Indian market and available on both iPhone and Android platforms. This platform also includes a promotional website. The app serves as a unique networking space for verified professionals, allowing users to create an account, authenticate it via their company email, and engage in a dynamic professional community. Users can update their profiles, view posts from other members, contribute their thoughts on specific posts, and initiate new discussions under specific tags. Developed in English and optimized for mobile and tablet devices, Gumnaam provides a versatile and accessible platform for professional interaction and growth.

  • IndustryProductivity
  • Built forMobile Users
  • AccessIndia
  • TechnologiesFlutter
Gumnaam Community Workspace Gumnaam Community Workspace Gumnaam siemens india Gumnaam profile popup
Navigating Market Gaps and Cultural Sensitivities

The Challenges Behind Developing Gumnaam

Client is a Google employee who currently resides in the United States. He was looking for IT companies who could deliver the required functionality. Based on good recommendations, he decided to entrust this project to HMD.


Identifying Market Opportunities

Recognizing a distinct gap in the Indian market for a dedicated platform that provides anonymous company reviews and job postings across Indian market.


Addressing Cultural Norms

Navigating to the cultural sensitivities in Indian workplace issues openly can be challenging. The need for a safe, anonymous platform for employees to share their experiences became evident.


Promoting Transparency

Encountering a lack of transparency in the Indian job market, with potential employees often not having access to comprehensive information about a company's culture, salary norms, or management practices.


Enhancing Employee Engagement

Identifying the challenge of improving employee engagement and retention. A platform where employees can voice their opinions and concerns can provide companies with valuable insights to enhance their practices.


Embracing Digital Transformation

With the increasing trend of digitization across sectors, recognizing the need for a digital platform for job search and company reviews became crucial.


Competing in the Market

Facing competition from international platforms like Glassdoor and seeing the need to create a similar platform tailored specifically for the Indian market to gain a competitive edge.

Wireframes Design

wireframes login screen
wireframes sign up screen
wireframes home screen
wireframes review screen
wireframes chat list screen
Addressing Market Gaps and Enhancing Transparency

How HMD Developed Gumnaam

Company Reviews

Users can write reviews about their current or past employers, providing insights into the company's culture, work environment, management, etc. These reviews are anonymous, protecting the identity of the users.

Salary Information

Users can access information about the salaries offered by different companies for various roles. This information is typically provided by users who have worked in those roles.

Interview Experiences

Users can share their interview experiences with different companies, providing insights into the interview process, questions asked, and more.

Job Search

Users can search for jobs posted by companies. They can filter jobs based on location, job title, company, and other criteria.

Company Q&A

A section where users can ask questions about a company, and other users or the company itself can answer those questions.

Company Updates

Companies can post updates about their operations, new job openings, events, etc.

User Profile

Users can create a profile, upload their resume, and apply for jobs directly through the app.

Company Mentions

  • company mentions screen
  • company mentions screen
  • company mentions screen
  • company mentions screen

The Design System

  • Typography


    • H1 - 50px
    • H2 - 45px
    • H3 - 35PX
    • H4 - 25px
  • Colors
    • #5E88FC
    • #404969
    • #E67B7B
  • Icons
From Concept to Launch

How HMD Brought Gumnaam to Life

  • User Experience (UX) Design

    This involves creating a seamless, intuitive user interface that makes the app easy to navigate and use. It includes aspects like information architecture, user flow design, and interaction design.

  • Performance Optimization

    This involves ensuring that the app loads quickly and runs smoothly, even under heavy load. It could involve techniques like efficient database queries, caching, and load balancing.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Implementing analytics to track user behavior and app performance can provide valuable insights for future improvements. This involve integrating with an analytics platform and designing custom reports.

  • Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

    After the app is launched, ongoing support and maintenance are crucial to fix any issues, make necessary updates, and continuously improve the app based on user feedback.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    This involves thorough testing of all features to ensure they work as expected and provide a good user experience. It involves manual testing and user acceptance testing.

  • Technical Architecture

    This involves deciding on the overall structure of the app, including the technologies and frameworks to be used, how different components of the app will interact with each other, and how data will be stored and retrieved.

  • Security

    Given the sensitive nature of the information that the app handles (like user profiles and company reviews), implementing robust security measures would be crucial. This could include data encryption, secure user authentication, and protection against common security threats.

  • Scalability

    Given the potential for rapid growth in the user base, the app needs to be designed to scale easily. This could involve using cloud-based infrastructure, microservices architecture, or other scalability strategies.

  • Integration with External Services

    The app needs to integrate with various external services, like payment gateways (for any premium features), email services (for sending notifications), and social media platforms (for sharing reviews or job listings).

Onboarding Screen Illustrations

  • Onboarding Screen
  • Onboarding Screen
  • Onboarding Screen
Onboarding Screen
Who is interested?

Find people who could be interested in working for your firm.

Improve the efficiency of your recruiting and sourcing activities. Check how frequently specialists from other companies are looking for your business.

Onboarding Screen

Tech Stack

  • Mobile

  • Backend

  • UI/UX

    Adobe XD

Third-party APIs

  • Razor Pay

    For Processing Payments

  • SES (AWS)

    For Email Communications

  • Google Firebase

    For Push Notifications

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