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UI/UX Design

Top 15 UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps to Watch in 2024 and Beyond

Top 15 UI/UX Design Trends for Mobile Apps to Watch in 2024 and Beyond

UI design is the mobile application's first impression. This is what connects users with the brand. It makes the app user's journey smoother. It also increases the entire application's ROI. When the UI design of the app is client-centric, and it has engaging content, none can stop the success of yours. But there's continuous UX landscape transformation today. The new things get developed with time. As for UI design, it's most changing within the mobile industry. It impacts varied areas of industry. This is why to be aware of the UI/UX design trends is important.

It's important to note that the UI/UX design isn't limited to looks. The app's data architecture must combine with the UI design guidelines. These guidelines organize, structure as well as label the content accessibility and sustainability. So, it's better to know about it beforehand. It will help to remain prepared for the upcoming time.

Latest UI/UX Design Trends in 2024

Latest UI/UX Design Trends

The top UI/UX design trends list discussed below is about to skyrocket in 2024. It will reduce bounce rate while boosting conversion rates.

Improvement in Personalization

Mobile app personalization, this year will acquire momentum. The tailored UX, it's becoming important within mobile app development. AI and ML are also making the customization completely seamless.

Streaming services like SoundCloud & YouTube, where AI accesses user choices. It's through it that it offers song recommendations. Also, bucket list & fitness apps, they offer the improved personalization for users.

Convenient Means of Voice Interactions

Voice-controlled personal assistance of Apple, Siri & Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, etc., are known. They command the terms to UX design trends. The voice-powered apps accommodate lives. They deliver quite precise as well as faster results to query. It's feasible and ensures a tailored experience to users.

Rounded Corners

It's another trend developed via modern smartphone devices. iOS and Android, both flagships feature the rounded corners. With the device's curved corners mirrored in the app UI design, mobile & app sites have similar experiences. It creates a positive impact on UX. The rounded corners remain smooth on the eyes. They help to process data in an easy manner.

Login Without Passwords

As many apps are used daily, it's difficult to remember every password. So, the login process without it became popular since 2021.

There are certain password-less logins. They remain used in mobile apps. Like fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and more. Also sign-in links and OTPs are also becoming popular nowadays.

Advanced Animation System

This, again, is one of the latest UX trends. It's because operative animation is now an important part of a better experience for users. The animated motions and moves deliver varied data. They explain the state changes, add rhythm, and confirm the actions in the interactions.

With mobile devices getting quick and strong, to hire UI/UX designers is the right move. The professionals can produce advanced animation. This animation is now more than to bridge gaps between conditions. It's part of branding.

The motion tells an exclusive story about the brand and product. Animation, on the other hand, spices things for the users. It does so with the development of film-like scenes wherein data changes from one frame to another.

Darker Themes

The dark theme is the low-light UI. It shows dark surfaces. These themes bring 2 advantages to UX.

  • Store battery power with the lessening of light pixels use.
  • Reduce eye strain with modification of the brightness of the screen. It helps with presenting of lighting conditions.

Gradient 2.0

Gradients will get a new life. It is more about vibrant shades that get used in the background. They help get a clear source of light. The vibrant palette brings dimension as well as depth to mobile app UI design. It also brings positivity. But gradients are now moving to subtlety and simplicity in styling terms.

Buttonless Design & Liquid Swipe

Today, real physical buttons aren't used in mobile phones. With the freeing of screen space, the product designers give the users more data. All focus comes to content. As for gestures, they get used instead of digital buttons. The effect of Liquid Swipe is now taking gestures to another level.


To apply virtual reality and augmented reality tech enables fictional digital components integration. It helps integrate it into real-world images, offering users a fresh appearance in their daily regime. Travel, media, science, education, etc., are all partial part of the list of niches. It's where VR and AR tech can be adopted with the UI/UX design trends.

Illustrations are Better

With design getting emotional, custom mobile app development company are getting neutral. One can see more experiments with a design that's targeted to produce emotional impact.

Designers also wish to experiment with the illustration styles. The main object is- producing products that users can associate with emotional level.

Ready to Elevate the Latest UIUX Design Trends

3D & Faux-3D Designs

Even though the use of 3D elements as the latest trends in UI UX design is not new, it was for a long time before. It helped with its right use in games and entertainment.

With device processing strength development, the 3D elements develop the regular functional apps. With the launch of the mobile experience, 3D elements & the Faux-3D elements help add realism. It does so within mobile interactions.

Content Design

The approach, content-first, helps design a meaningful and functional UI. It ensures comfortable and convenient UX instead of complex/artistic solutions.

Readability becomes a priority in the case of UI/UX design trends. It is not only about CTAs but also brand taglines, slogans and names. It's also about content style (readable font, combination of fonts, simple context menu, etc.). It manages itself with screen size to ensure productive app user experience design.

Design for the Disabled

People who have permanent, temporary or situational disability interact with products differently. So, embracing an inclusive attitude within design it would help to produce the right products.

Screen for the blind people or ones with low vision. It helps them hear UI elements. It allows them to text read aloud & even vibration feedback apart from acoustic signals.

High-contrast colour combination, video/audio captions & stable navigation are all tech for the disabled. They are all about the approach-accessibility first as part of UI/UX design trends.

Device-agnostic Experience

People now are purchasing devices per head. Statista (2020) stated 6.58 expected network-connected devices, per person worldwide. The way data gets accessed by people is also changing. From one device to the other, it's now becoming common for the general journey of the user.

The designers now need to think of exceptions. It's because to think desktop and mobile categories isn't sufficient anymore. To think of the user journey is important. It results to create the device-agnostic design. It's how users get seamless UI irrespective of the used device.

Note- Remember, with changing trends even, you need strategies to find iPhone app developers.

Chatbots UI Design

The chatbot UI design must deliver the data to the end users. They are also required to process every query, and for it, chatbots must be easy to use. It must be able to manage the types of variations in basic language variations. These variations include different language semantics, slang, emotions, phrases and more.

For improving UX, one must ponder particular options set like avatars. The options set also include response buttons and failure/welcome message designs and more. So, one must offer the users varied interaction means. It can be a ready-made flow of conversation or the free-text typing and more as part of UI trends.

Final Words

As all the new trends are coming up, it's necessary to ensure keeping in mind the aim of the designer remains same. It must use new approaches as well as tech for ensuring so that the lives of users are better. Further, every time a specific trend gets measured, also consider it within the values context. It's important to look at it to bring forward and the best possible user experiences. So, which of the trends mentioned above are you excited about? Do you want to bring application UI design to life? If so, connect with the right professionals today and do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Trending UI/UX Design Trends?

Some UI/UX design trends are minimalist design, voice user interfaces and more. It also includes immersive 3D elements, dark mode, etc.

How Do AI and the Machine Learning Impact UI/UX Design?

AI and ML help to enhance the UI UX design via personalization of user experiences. It also enhances it via the prediction of user behavior & routine design tasks automation. Altogether, this helps create responsive and intuitive interfaces.

What is Prototyping's Role Within Modern UI/UX Design?

Prototyping is quite crucial within UI/UX design trends. It helps designers to visualize, then test and even refine ideas quite early. All this, before the development process, helps ensure functionality and usability before final implementation.

Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at HireMobileDevelopers (HMD), a leading mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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