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iOS vs Android Development: Crucial Difference between Two Dominating Operating System

iOS vs Android Development: Crucial Difference between Two Dominating Operating System

The development of mobile apps is one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry. In the era of the internet, where more and more people use mobile apps for multiple reasons, businesses are utilizing it to have access to new opportunities and can reach a wider audience.

The use of iOS or android app development services among business owners is increasing as they strive to establish a brand and make more money.

In the mobile app development industry, two platforms have been crowned king: iOS and Android. Currently, these two dominant platforms command all aspects and segments pertaining to the use of mobile apps.

How are they able to dominate the market? With more people utilizing mobile devices to access the internet, developing mobile apps opens up new business opportunities.

Both platforms have performed well in the market, but choosing one can be a challenge. This blog compares end-to-end differences between iOS vs Android development solutions to assist you in making the right decision.

iOS vs. Android App Development: Insight into its market growth

  • Approximately 3 billion smartphones are in use around the world, according to Statista, and this number will keep increasing in coming years
  • On the Google Play Store, almost 3.5 million apps are available, and on the Apple App Store, there are approximately 2.25 million available.
  • Approximately 57% of all smartphone users in the United States use iOS devices.

End to End difference between iOS and Android Application Development

When developing a mobile application, you must ensure that the platform you choose will positively impact your business. As a result, Android app development practices and outcomes differ significantly from those of iOS app development. Let's dig deeper into them now.


The speed at which an app is developed is an essential factor. Startups have a competitive advantage in the mobile market if they can develop and launch apps quickly. It is generally faster to develop iOS apps than Android apps.

As Apple's programming language, Swift, is used for making iOS apps, the development of iOS apps can be done much more quickly. A further advantage of this approach is that fewer devices and iOS versions must be tested and considered.

On the other hand, Android requires more time due to its availability on many devices with different screen sizes.

This can take a considerable time for developers to ensure that their application looks good and works correctly across all devices.

If you lack expertise and a team to do it for you, you can hire iPhone app developer - android vs ios development to do the work for you.


Both iOS and Android offer a number of distinct advantages with regard to ease of use. There are often fewer coding requirements for iOS apps. Consequently, your app will be ready to market in a shorter period.

Moreover, the review process of an app on the Apple App Store is often faster than that of an app on Google Play. Compared to iOS, Android offers more programming flexibility, which can increase development time and costs for more complex applications.

If you look forward to developing the Android app for your business but don't have the team to do the work, you can hire android app developers.

Programming Language

Android app vs iOS app use different programming languages to develop mobile apps. Android apps are typically created in Java or its derivatives, while iOS apps are created in Objective-C, Swift, or both.

Access to an online developer community means you can ask questions no matter what programming language you are using.

When you hire a reputable ios vs android developer, you cannot go wrong with app development.


Android and iOS offer developers different app design experiences. One of the reasons for iOS's popularity is its sleek, modern design. Moreover, its consistent interface design is user-friendly and visually appealing.

Furthermore, app developers are encouraged to adhere to Apple's guidelines for app design, ensuring that their apps are attractive and appear professional. In contrast, Android provides greater design flexibility. Apps can look entirely different from each other, allowing developers to be more creative.

User Retention

An app's user retention rate indicates how well it is performing. Many factors can contribute to a soaring app uninstall rate. The key to running an app-centric business is building a loyal customer base, and it is difficult for many businesses to achieve this in an overcrowded market.

According to studies, the Google mobile operating system has been more loyal to Android customers than to iPhone customers. However, Apple users tend to leave apps very quickly if they encounter a minor problem. When choosing between Android and iOS development, Android would help you retain many users.


Mobile application development requires QA testing for every application. Games and other types of software are no exception. With iOS simulators and Android emulators, it is often possible to test the functionality of the application being developed.

As a distinct difference, the iOS simulator is considerably faster than the Android simulator. No matter how useful the Android emulator may be, it is more practical than an equivalent iOS emulator because it is a powerful virtual machine with a CPU offering greater functionality than an equivalent iOS emulator.

The iOS simulator often misrepresents Apple devices in a manner that could be more accurate and realistic.


iOS app development tends to cost more than Android app development since iOS development costs and tools are expensive. Android devices are more fragmented than other operating systems so the cost may vary based on the added functionalities.

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Pros & Cons of Android


  • Flexibility and customizability

    Due to Android's open system and infrastructure developers, iOS or Android developers can create custom functions and add creativity to apps.

  • A greater number of resources for developers

    A wide variety of helpful resources is available on Google for beginner developers, including attractive templates and layouts.

    Developers can select these based on the level of complexity that they require. As an added benefit, Google provides developers with helpful guidelines for making an app more user-friendly.

  • Increased market share

    Google holds around a 37 percent share of the global OS market, giving it an advantage over Apple's user base.


  • Keeping Safe

    Android apps pose a greater risk of data theft as duplicate apps may be downloaded and may compromise your data.

  • Device Fragmentation is High.

    Android has a wide variety of screen sizes, resolutions, and devices, so there is a greater risk of fragmentation for Android apps. Therefore, designing UI/UX for different versions takes a lot of work.

iOS Pros and Cons


  • Clean design

    Apple emphasizes clean, minimalist designs with ample white space and provides guidelines. Therefore, all iOS applications have a smooth UI/UX and are easy to use.

  • Security Centric

    Since iOS passes through its approval process very slowly. This is because they prioritize security over anything else. So once the app is launched in the market, users can easily get access to it.


  • Fees for developer accounts are higher

    Unlike Android, iOS developer accounts cost $99 annually, which is a substantial difference.

  • Source code that is closed

    The iOS operating system is a closed-source application, which means you cannot customize it to the same extent as the Android operating system. Due to its coding and development standards, it has difficulty competing with iOS products.

iOS vs Android Development: Which is better for business?

So android vs ios which is better? The best operating system for businesses is difficult to determine. However, given the differences between iOS and Android applications, you can decide which is suitable for your business. However, iOS and Android offer several advantages over one another.

Both of its Security, speed and user experience are exceptional. As well, aspects such as target audience, type of application, and features also contribute to a positive perception of the app on both platforms. It is always suggested to know your requirements and go for in-depth consideration to choose which one suits your app development needs.


Several factors should be considered when determining whether your startup should develop an Android or iOS app, including cost, speed, and ease of use, design, security, and development complexity. The final decision depends on your company's goals and which platform is most appropriate to meet those goals.

If you want to develop the app for your business, choosing to hire mobile app developers is among the most viable options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Preference of Developers for iOS or Android?

Developers of all levels find iOS easier to develop than other platforms. The development and maintenance of iOS apps generally take less time and are less expensive than those for Android.

Is iOS a Good Choice for Startups?

By investing in a competent iOS app development company, you will be able to attract the attention of your Startup’s target demographic on the app store.

Why do Startups Choose Android Apps?

If your audience concentrates on something other than one area, you should go with Android first. Furthermore, opt for Android if your mobile application involves a great deal of customization. Due to the benefits of reach and customization the platform provides, Android apps are almost necessary for businesses today.

What Is the Profitability of iOS Development Compared to Android Development?

Android and iOS apps are very lucrative: Android has a broad global appeal and the potential to earn a lot of money. Undoubtedly, the Apple App Store enjoys a larger market share and higher profits.

Written by Atman Rathod

Atman Rathod is the Founding Director at HireMobileDevelopers (HMD), a leading mobile app development company with 17+ years of experience. Having travelled to 38+ countries globally and provided more than $40m USD of software services, he is actively working with Startups, SMEs and Corporations utilizing technology to provide business transformation.

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